Exclusive Song Premiere: Lonesome River Band "Lord, I'm Just a Branch"

Lonesome River Band

Legendary bluegrass band Lonesome River Band (LRB) are celebrating their 40th anniversary by paying tribute to one of Gospel music's most enduring band the Easter Brothers. On July 23, LRB will be releasing Singing Up There: A Tribute to the Easter BrothersOne of the album's highlights is LRB's rendition of the Easter Brothers' classic"Lord, I'm Just a Branch." You can now listen to the song here.

Bandleader/banjoist Sammy Shelor shares why they have recorded "Lord, I'm Just a Branch," "No matter how small or unimportant we may feel at times, The Lord will always provide what we need in this world to get us through if we believe in Him. 'Lord I'm Just A Branch' explains this so well in that we all are such a small part of this world, but we are all equal in importance in God's eyes. All we have to do is believe and follow His Word." 

Pioneers in turning the already significant strain of gospel themes in songs performed by first-generation bluegrass artists like Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and, especially Reno & Smiley - friends from the group's earliest days - into an exclusive focus, the Easter Brothers helped to pave a "bluegrass gospel" road that would be traveled by a steady stream of acts who channeled their Christian convictions into a musical world ruled by banjos and fiddles, flat-top guitars and mandolins. For well over a half century, the Brothers were a regular presence in churches, at festivals, on television and radio shows, and made an avalanche of records, while contributing a number of songs to the bluegrass, and especially bluegrass gospel songbooks.

"Growing up in Patrick County, Virginia, I was influenced by a lot of Bluegrass Gospel," recalls Shelor. "One of the strongest groups in that genre was The Easter Brothers, from just down the road in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Their songwriting and harmonies were so strong and inspiring to me in my youth, and it has stayed in my heart all these years. We are so happy to be able to pay tribute to these fine gentlemen and the legacy they have created."

Pre-order, add or save Singing Up There: A Tribute to the Easter Brothers HERE.



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