First Day of Promise Keepers' 2021 Men's Conference Draws Millions of Men from 25 Nations

Promise Keepers 2021 Men's Conference

Promise Keepers kicks off their 2021 Men's Conference today. The conference, which took place at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, was also live-streamed. It was watched by millions of men from across 25 nations. The two-day event, believed to be the nation's first mass Christian gathering since the pandemic, focused on soul-strengthening worship, fellowship, and practical advice to empower men to be who Christ intended them to be. 

Ken Harrison, volunteer chairman of Promise Keepers, opened the conference with these words: "We are not here to have a polite religious service. God is messy. This is messy. None of us deserve to be here. We are not here to give you the five-step program. We are here to give you the one-step program: believe in Jesus and repent your sins." 

Today's conference featured

  • Worship with GRAMMY Award-nominated worship leader and songwriter Cody Carnes and the Gateway Worship Band.
  • Jonathan Evans, chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks, who encouraged men to walk in faith by quoting his father, Dr. Tony Evans: "Faith is acting like it is so when it is not so, so that it might be so simply because God said so."
  • Donald Burgs, Jr., pastor and PK board member, who addressed the "ugly elephant of racism." Burgs called on men to affirm that they will be "on mission" for Jesus Christ by being men of courage, serving others and seeking justice with the urgency of dying men helping dying men.
  • Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limb, who reminded men that God is a promise keeper whose every word will come true, and that faith is "full assurance in the heart despite what you see and hear."

Founded in 1990 by Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers is one of the most significant movements of God in the history of the church. In 1997 alone, Promise Keepers packed 22 NFL stadiums and gathered 1 million men for Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly of Men at the National Mall in the District of Columbia.

The organization's mission is to empower men to live out their God-given identity and purpose today and destiny tomorrow by serving their homes, workplaces, and communities with integrity and influence.




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