The Kingsmen Celebrate their 65th Anniversary with New Album

The Kingsmen

This year the Kingsmen are celebrating 65 years in Christian music and after a trying hiatus from touring, they are back with a new album. More to the Story will be available on September 10th. This new set features several already-released singles surrounded by a fresh group of songs given both traditional and contemporary Southern Gospel arrangements.   

Since 1956, this group has risen from humble beginnings in the mountains of western North Carolina to become one of the most beloved and innovative groups in Christian music. Countless renowned artists have been a part of this great lineage, such as Eldridge Fox, "Big" Jim Hamill, Ray Dean Reese, Squire Parsons, Johnny Parrack, Anthony Burger, Ernie Phillips, Gary Sheppard, and a host of others. The momentum has not stopped as this group continues to help define the Southern Gospel genre for a whole new generation of music lovers, perhaps more so than any other group.

The successes of The Kingsmen have led to many prestigious opportunities. In 1977, The Kingsmen performed on the south lawn of the White House for President Jimmy Carter and in 1982 they performed at the opening ceremony of the World's Fair in Knoxville, TN which was broadcast on local and regional TV, with President Ronald Reagan present to open the fair. The Kingsmen was also the first group to film and record a live performance at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and in 2000 they were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame followed by the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

"More To The Story has been a long anticipated project for us," reveals Jenkins. "This recording has been unlike any other we've worked on, from the recording process to the production to arranging songs remotely amid a global pandemic. We thank God for His provision and hand of guidance through the past year.

We truly believe this album encompasses the message for the times in which we live. The Kingsmen are celebrating 65 years in Christian music and after a trying hiatus from touring, we are eager to tell our listeners that there's 'more to the story' of The Kingsmen. We're not finished. We are encouraged and motivated, now more than ever, to let our faith shine brighter and make Christ's name known!"

The record is preceded by the album's title track, "More To The Story," begins with an easygoing, Beatles-esque vamp before sliding into a relaxed yet insistent country-soul feel. The setting offers plenty of room for introducing the story of Jonah - or, as the lyric has it, a "whale of a tale" - that illustrates the need, even in moments of peril, to look beyond the immediate and trust in God.

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