New Duo All Creatures Hope to Shed Light on the Diversity God's Kaleidoscopic Kingdom

All Creatures

All Creatures, which is made up of Neon Feather and Chris Cron, is impacting Christian music in a fresh way. Their fresh perspective and their youthful exuberance for life bring a new vitality to their debut single "[wonder working]," out now on Dream Records. 

Chris and Ben had been striving for years as solo artists, with not even a thought of starting a band or becoming CCM artists. When the two found themselves in a writers room together, all of that changed. It became clear that all of the experiences (failures and successes), and heart for people that Chris and Ben shared fit together in a way that only God could make happen. Now armed with Ben's production wizardry and Chris's vocals, All Creatures are poised to become your new favorite band. 

We are honored to catch up with Chris Con for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. I believe both of you had solo music careers before All Creatures. Tell us briefly about your individual careers before All Creatures. 

You're so welcome. I'm honored to be doing any interviews so this is great! Ben has been crushing it as Neon Feather for at least 5 years now and before All Creatures I was in a band called Mêlée. We had a pretty big song internationally, especially in Japan, called "Built to Last". I had a horrible haircut. As a solo artist, I've released a few singles here and there independently.

Q: How then was All Creatures formed? 

A little backstory...Ben and I live in different states. He's in North Carolina and I'm in Tennessee, although I'm originally from California. When I moved to Nashville, I did the opposite of most musicians and I quit music. I had made it an idol and I knew I needed to lay it down. A few years later, after some healing, I was introduced to a record label guy here in town named John Mays who set me up on a writing session with Neon Feather. We instantly hit it off and worked on a few singles together, including a song called "Safe" that was on the radio in 19/20. That led to the conversation of "what would this look like for real?" So All Creatures became our pandemic project and it's part of my redemption story as well. 

Q: How then would you describe your sound? And what sets you apart from the countless duos and artists in CCM? 

I'm not sure it's completely accurate, but I love describing our sound as Jackson Browne finds himself onstage at the Electric Daisy Carnival. I think what sets us apart is our perspective and Ben's production. My experience as a writer/musician has been shaped almost entirely outside of the christian music sphere so when we're working on songs, I tend to think differently than someone who has been in this world their whole career. Sometimes Ben has to reign me in a bit but that push and pull gives us something unique. Plus, Ben is a super producer and we handle everything in house. Nothing is farmed out to other producers so everything sounds and feels very genuine to us.

Q: How then did you get to work with the lovely folks at DREAM Records? 

Ben had been talking to Lance over at DREAM for years and when we started working on songs and saw what this thing could be, he reached out to Lance. It was weirdly the easiest partnership I've ever been part of in my music career. We didn't have to showcase or talk for six months, it was just like "hey let's work together. ok!"

Q: Talk to us about your new single [wonder working]. Why are you excited about this song? 

Thank you for using the brackets and lowercase. This song excites me because it's our first. We've been working on this project for over a year and to finally put something out, especially as bold and fun as this song, feels pretty electric. What I mean by bold is that the entire song is a statement, a boast in God. There's a real confidence to this song that comes from belonging to Him. 

Q: Are you guys working on a new EP or album right now? If you are, what can fans look forward to in terms of the new record? 

We have dozens of songs in the hopper. Definitely focusing on a few more singles for the near future and possibly a Christmas song. 

Q: How do you wish your songs would impact the lives of your listeners and God's kingdom? 

When we chose the name "All Creatures" we wanted something that spoke to the inclusivity and diversity of God's kaleidoscopic Kingdom. So, with all of our songs, our hope is that listeners would feel empowered to be true to who God made them to be, and be inspired to get their hands dirty in creating and building His kingdom.  

You can pick up their new single here

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