Brave Worship (featuring Bailey Hager) Hopes to Impart Strength to the Weary with "Wash Over Me"

Brave Worship (featuring Bailey Hager)

Brave Worship (featuring Bailey Hager) have just released their brand new single "Wash Over Me." Written by Aimee Jenkins, Bailey Hager, and Molly Knight, the song is for those of us who are feeling weary and worn. "Wash Over Me" allows us to lean back and allow God's strength to wash over us. 

Aimee Jenkins writes, "When life gets heavy, when the worries of this world begin to overwhelm us and we feel like we have nothing left to give, there is great comfort knowing we can rest and find refreshment just spending time in the presence of our Lord. If and when you find yourself needing rest, just like the song says, let His presence "Wash Over You". Wave after wave, it is refreshing, reviving, renewing and restoring.Be encouraged today, the Lord is notorious for fighting for His people!

If there's ever been a time in our generation where hearts feel battle-worn, it's now. In so many ways it feels like life as we know it has been upended. And while our instinct may be to rise up and do something, our spirit knows more deeply that God is STILL in control. We know that He fights for us in ways we will never even understand. We know victory is coming, and it's not dependent on anything we do, but Him alone.

So when we are weary, when we've run out of strength, run out of answers, run out of songs...we let His presence wash over us again. Wave after wave after wave. As we sang this song live, we could literally feel it, and we hope you do too. If you're facing a battle, and you're feeling weary, this song will remind you that your greatest strength comes in the waves of His presence." 

My strength is next to none
I don't even have a song
But You're faithful
My spirit's battle-worn
My heart is bruised and torn
And I need You
You say You'll fight for me
I don't have to do a thing
Just stay still, I'll stay still
I know Your victory
Doesn't depend on me
I'll stay still, I'll stay still
Come and wash over me 

Brave Worship is a support community for women in worship connected by a podcast, a conference and a social media community. Brave Worship endeavors to call out the boldness in the hearts of women gifted in worship - whether leading worship or writing worship. We hope to mentor, encourage, and provide resources for these women, along with creating a loving community for connecting. The team explains, "It is our aim to help build them up right where they are---in their local church. We believe God placed different pieces of his heart in women than he did in men, and the church is more beautifully nurtured when their voices are heard!"


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