Jim and Melissa Brady “Ever Faithful” Album Review

Jim and Melissa Brady

Prime Cuts: Welcome, He Will Carry You, Every Present, Ever Faithful

Overall Grade: 4.5/5 

Husband and wife duo Jim and Melissa Brady return with their Daywind Records-helmed album with Ever Faithful. For years Jim Brady had been part of the Booth Brothers. However, after hearing a call from God to step out with his wife in 2015, Jim and Melissa Brady as a duo was born. Signed to Daywind Records, the couple has released two regular Gospel music albums and one Christmas album. Two years after their last record, we get Ever Faithful. Safe to say, this album is their best yet.

If there is one word to describe this record, it's the word "versatile." From pop-centric radio numbers to soulful worship anthems to power-ballads, there's a bit of everything in this record. Such diversity certainly makes the listening experience interesting. The minimalistic backing introduction of "Welcome" certainly is an attention grabber. Slowly but surely, Jim Brady leads us into a thumping anthem of worship. A tad more predictable are the percussion heavy "To the King" and the 90s-popish "Covered."  

A giant leap towards excellence is the touching piano ballad "He Will carry You." Coming alongside those of us who have been burdened by past hurts, Melissa Brady lovingly encourages us to look to the Savior. If you like grand-orchestrated ballads, then the gorgeous sounding "Every Present, Every Faithful" is pure bliss. With "Great God of My Joy," Melissa showcases what a fine vocalist as she stretches herself vocally on this jazzy-soulful entry.

Venturing into worship terrain is upbeat "Thunder." The lullaby electric-piano opening of "Jesus Stays" is sweet and unique. So is the rest of the song which deals with how Jesus never leaves us even when our closest friends do. The couple's heartfelt delivery is what makes this song so palatable that you can't help but be moved.  At the end of the day, this is a well performed record with extremely well-chosen songs. The ballads are particularly excellent.



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