Hillsong's Sam Lopez Offers a New Course on the Creative Power of Prayer

Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez, the Lead Pastor of Hillsong California, has a brand new class on CREATR called, "The Creative Power of Prayer." Without prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit, your endeavors to create will leave you feeling dry and to your own devices. So how do you actually bring the Holy Spirit into your creative process? In this class, Sam will teach you how to draw near to God and cultivate a powerful prayer life so you can live out of that overflow every single day.

Here's a brief description of the course:" How are you doing, really? How are the health of your soul and mind? When it comes to nourishing and cultivating the place where you create from, do you bring God into your process? If you haven't already, you'll soon notice that creating without prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit will leave you dry and to your own devices in your endeavors to create."

To register for this class click HERE.

Sam and Courtney are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong California. Sam, a graduate of Hillsong College, has been part of our church since 2011. Courtney, an entrepreneur in the field of digital media, has also been part of our church since the pioneering days in California. Prior to becoming Lead Pastors, Sam and Courtney were the Los Angeles Campus Pastors. Sam and Courtney are passionate about building a healthy church and seeing people come to know Jesus and mature in their faith. 


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