Passion's Sean Curran Announces the Birth of Baby Daughter

Sean Curran's daughter

Passion's worship leader and songwriter Sean Curran announces that his daughter Royal Santana was born on November 19. He posted a picture on Facebook with the caption, "The queen has arrived."  Sean and his wife Natalia are elated. 

Curran has recently released his brand EP. Simply entitled, 1,000 Names, the 6-song EP features the worship favorite "Ways." Curran has this to say about the song: "We all know the old proverb that goes something like this... "we become what we behold." Well, WAYS in an attempt to behold the right thing. I don't think of it as a new song, but more as a very old one. The kind that our soul's know. I can't help but sing it from the deep place. I pray it moves you to do the same."

Here's the track listing of 1,000 Names:

1. Shake the Dust Off

2. 1,000 Names

3. Catch Me Singing

4. Ways

5. Praise the Lord (Brighter the Mercy)

6. Holy (featuring Kirby Kaple)


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