John Schlitt and The Union of Sinners and Saints Re-Imagine Judy Garland's "The Birthday of a King"

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Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame member John Schlitt releases a heartfelt and reimagined version "The Birthday of a King." Produced by five-time Grammy-nominated Billy Smiley and features the talents of The Union of Sinners and Saints. The lyrics contrast the humble little village of Bethlehem with the glory and greatness of Jesus Christ, who was born there. The refrain focuses on the wonderful appearance of the host of angels, and how that was a fitting celebration for the birthday of a King. 

Although penned as a hymn in the late 1800s by American composers William Harold Neidlinger and Francis Fischer Powers, the song gained widespread popularity when it was recorded by Judy Garland in 1941.

"When Billy Smiley found this song from the past, I was very intrigued," says Schlitt, whose lead vocals inject a gentle rock n' roll vibe into the traditional hymn. "When I realized it was Judy Garland who was singing it, I was totally thrilled. It's a beautiful song for a beautiful season."

"John's vocals are unbelievable on this classic rendition of a Christmas favorite," says Smiley. "We wanted to fit a classic into what we do as a group, and we had a great time doing this Christmas version! We hope people really connect with it." 

Fans can stream the single on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, Pandora and others, or purchase the song from iTunes, or Click here for a complete list of streaming and purchasing outlets, or click here to listen now.

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