PragerU Celebrates their 10th Anniversary with New DocuFilm

PagerU Story

PragerU is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the release of a short documentary film The PragerU Story. This documentary features PragerU's Founders, Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin; personalities Amala Ekpunobi and Will Witt; and Chief Executive Officer Marissa Streit. For a decade, PragerU has been fighting for truth. The film highlights how the nonprofit group grew from a small team releasing weekly educational YouTube videos into one of the most influential conservative media companies in the world with content spanning kids shows, short documentaries, podcasts, man-on-the-street videos and more. 

Established in 2011, PragerU first gained notoriety with its staple 5-minute videos - becoming the go-to site for bite-sized explainers on the world's most important issues. Their first viral video, "Do You Understand the Electoral College?" has more than 66.4 million views since it was published in May 2015. Now, PragerU produces 40 pieces of content a week, and its videos have collectively earned more than 5 billion views.
"PragerU is in the mind-changing business. This documentary shows how young people like Amala Ekpunobi transform from left-wing activists into freedom-loving individuals by watching PragerU's videos," said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. "Our videos reach millions of young people with the timeless power of truth and give them the tools to understand and advocate for the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

A March 2021 Forbes article ranked PragerU first among free-market organizations who are "leaders in pro-free-market videos, magazines, and news outlets." PragerU took the top spot in a number of categories, including: 

  • Most Facebook likes (3.85 million)
  • Most Twitter followers (537,000)
  • Most subscribers to a YouTube channel (2.88 million)
  • Most views of YouTube video uploaded in the past 12 months, 2 minutes or longer (9.4 million) 
  • Most Instagram followers (1.6 million).

The article noted: "PragerU's continued focus on attractive short videos is paying huge dividends." But success hasn't come without opposition. PragerU has been aggressively and absurdly censored by Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Google for violating "community guidelines." 

"Let's be clear: the 'fact-checking' and 'community guidelines' standards of these Big Tech companies are dishonest and tyrannical," said Streit. "They have nothing to do with the truth, and they don't like us because they disagree with our point of view and, therefore, try to silence us. Sadly, this type of censorship comes at a great cost for the American people and the world."

This is why PragerU filed a lawsuit and a public awareness campaign about Big Tech censorship in 2017. Left-wing legacy media outlets continue to write hit pieces about PragerU while acknowledging its massive impact.

"We've had a lot of hit pieces, a lot of attack pieces, on PragerU over the last few years," said Craig Strazzeri, CMO of PragerU. "We wear those as a badge of honor. Every time a major media company tries to write a hit piece on us, we promote it, we share it. This is why the left is terrified of PragerU."

PragerU estimates this documentary distributed by The Daily Wire will be viewed by millions of people across the internet. Fans and foes will finally discover how PragerU became one of the most influential organizations of our time. 

Watch "The PragerU Story" here.



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