Jillian Edwards Launches New Podcast "Ponderwell"

Jillian Edwards

Singer and songwriter Jillian Edwards has announced that she is launching a new podcast series called Ponderwell. New episodes will be released every Tuesday, starting today (January 4), with the introductory episode.

Edwards writes, "Ponderwell is a podcast devoted to the simple practice of reflecting on truth. Episodes release every Tuesday, beginning today with the introductory episode! It's really simple. I'm not fancy. I'm just hungry for God, and I can see clearly in my life the consistent need to redirect my thoughts toward his faithfulness. Ponderwell is designed to be a place to practice remembering what's true, a place to prompt that redirection of our thoughts. Each episode aims to help cultivate a thought-life of prayerful trust by dwelling on the Word of God.

This is me, openly pointing my scattered brain in the direction of heaven. Seeking to make a habit of pulling the lens of God's faithfulness over my eyes and choosing to look at everything through that lens. It may seem small and simple (because it is) but it is God who does the big work. He works mightily in our smallness. He brings peace that surpasses understanding. He renews our minds." 

 You can listen to the Ponderwell Podcast now by clicking here.  

For more than a decade, Edwards--- who now resides in Nashville with her husband, Will, drummer for indie rock band Colony House, and their daughter, Willow Faye --- has consistently written and recorded music through the lens of faith, even when she's crafting songs about love and relationships or writing songs specifically for film and television. The latter has seen Edwards' songs featured in television episodes of Nashville, Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy, and on commercials for Citibank among other high-profile brands.

In addition, a collaboration with EDM DJ Thomas Gold resulted in a surprise hit for the singer/songwriter with "Magic," on which she is credited as a co-writer and featured vocalist. Her previous collection of original material, 2014's Daydream, topped iTunes' Singer/Songwriter chart and landed at No. 6 on Billboard's New Artist chart. In 2016, she released COVERS, putting her creative stamp on 10 reimagined versions of some of her favorite songs written by other artists. She is managed by the Stable Collective, and her booking agency is WME.  

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