Rachel-Ruth Lotz, Granddaughter of Billy Graham, Suffers Two Heart Attacks

Ann Graham Lotz

Rachel-Ruth Lotz, the granddaughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, suffered two back-to-back heart attacks. Anne Graham Lotz, Rachel-Ruth's mother, is asking people to pray. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday,  Anne Graham wrote, "Multiple times I have prayed Psalm 73:26 for people who were struggling with heart issues: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever," Graham Lotz wrote before sharing the frightening news. 

She continued, "I am now driving the stake of my faith down deep into this promise for my daughter, Rachel-Ruth. She was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night with a heart attack, followed by a catheterization. Sunday afternoon, she had a second heart attack, followed by another catheterization. The mystery is that her heart has no blockages which can cause traditional style heart attacks. Hers is a very rare condition one doctor described as a `broken heart syndrome.' There is no known cause.

As I write this she is still in the hospital and will be for several more days as they continue to run tests.

I am urgently asking you to join my family in praying for Rachel-Ruth. Please pray for her heart to stabilize; for accurate diagnosis and treatment; for the doctor's supernatural wisdom; for peace and comfort for all of us."

Rachel-Ruth Lotz teaches a weekly women's Bible study at the University of North Carolina and has spoken at numerous events around the country. She graduated from Baylor University and is married to high school football coach Steven Wright. They have three daughters. She also serves on the board of her mother's ministry, AnGeL Ministries, and chairs a weekly prayer team that undergirds the ministry.  




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