New Life Worship Helps the Church to Worship as a Collective with "Awaken the Anthem"

New Life Worship

New Life Worship announces the release of their brand new single "Awaken the Anthem." The song is the second single off their upcoming Integrity Music album Over It All,  which is set to release in April 2022. Fearuring Dee Wilson as the lead vocalist, the song is an irresistible call to worship the God who surrounds us not only by His presence but also by the community of the Church.

"We wanted to write a 'we' anthem, leaving the 'I's' or 'me's' behind. This is a song to sing with knowledge that there is a family singing along with you," Dee explains. "Awaken the Anthem" was birthed out of the team's desire to give people a song to sing in every situation, as Dee continues, "when worship is hard, it doesn't have to be lonely as well." 

The live recording setting of the new single captures its congregational energy and highlights how the band embraced vulnerability to lend the greater community of believers a song for the global valley we are all in. Dee concludes, "I hope that as people sing 'hallelujah,' they find a God who can meet them in any night and see them through to morning mercies."

The group exists to nourish a biblically- faithful, historically-rooted, musically-skilled, and vibrantly prophetic multi-generational worship culture. They focus on encountering the living God - both in the "here and now" and in the confidence of what is to come. Their voice is communal, formed with the belief that their collective efforts yield more than just the sum of their individual contributions, working at shaping their songs to bring formation to the soul with a message that is packaged in beauty and creativity. They seek to make their voice ancient and new - ancient by honoring and referencing rich church history and those who have gone before us, and new by knowing that in the Hebrew texts of the Psalms, God desires new songs to be emanating from his people. 

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