Author & Podcast Host Billie Jauss Shares the Secret of "Detoxing" Emotional Barriers

Billie Jauss

Author, speaker, and the host of the "start small BELIEVE BIG" podcast Billie Jauss releases her brand new book DISTRACTION DETOX: Release Emotional Barriers. Restructure Priorities, Realize God's Best today (Feb 22). In her book, Jauss believes that sometimes it isn't the external distractions but the emotional barriers producing feelings of discouragement and defeat. By learning to detox from emotional toxins, realign priorities, and create a spiritual health plan, busy women can claim confidence and find fulfillment as we realize God's best things.

The rewards of Distraction Detox are discovering God's best for individual lives and releasing confidence, peace, and fulfillment within each woman.

Q: Billie, thank you for doing this interview with us. Tell us a little about yourself and your ministries.

Thank you for the opportunity. I am an author of two books, Making Room and Distraction Detox. I am a speaker and podcast host of the start small BELIEVE BIG Podcast. I'm married to Dave, a professional baseball coach, and we have three adult sons who also work in the baseball industry.

Q: You have a new book, DISTRACTION DETOX coming out. Briefly, tell us what the book is about. 

Distractions can steal your joy and can definitely steal your purpose. In Distraction Detox we learn to get rid of those self-limiting thoughts, replace them with truth that brings peace. I truly believe as we clear our minds God reveals a clearer purpose.

Q: What prompted you to write this book? 

I tried to overcome a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain by simplifying my schedule and taking control of my life's chaos but it didn't solve all my issues. 

I realized it wasn't the external distractions but the emotional barriers that were producing feelings of discouragement and defeat. Keeping me stuck, not growing in my faith. As I began to identify the toxic thoughts that were keeping me stuck, I found scripture to replace those thoughts. When the process became habits I felt tremendous peace and began to hear God's guidance. I knew if I could gain control over my emotional toxic barriers then I needed to share it with others.

Q: You use the word DETOX as an acronym. Can you share those thoughts? 

In Distraction Detox, we delve into why we feel defeated and discouraged. We unearth the emotional barriers and reveal scriptural truths restoring confidence and peace of mind-releasing us, not to do one more thing, but to realize the fulfillment of God's best things. We journey through a process of  

  •   Determining the internal distractions.
  •   Evaluating our emotional barriers.
  •   Terminating the toxins to hear, trust, and go.
  •   Outlining a plan to identify God's best things.
  • eXecuting the plan.

As we take one step at a time, we can find peace and purpose.

Q:  You also have a podcast, tell us more about your podcast? 

"start small Believe Big" Podcast encourages listeners to value the significance of small beginnings finding confidence and peace in the big God who knows, sees, and loves us deeply. I share personal stories in each episode providing practical and useful biblical guidance. Each week I challenge listeners to learn to live life with meaning, one step, decision, and action at a time.

Q: Compassion International is a big part of your life. How did you get involved? Why is the organization so important to you? 

David and I have sponsored a child, Rosa, in the Dominican Republic. I love Compassion because they partner with local churches to help rescue children from poverty in Jesus' name. After sponsoring, I began offering sponsorship at speaking events. In 2019, I traveled with Compassion to the Dominican Republic and see their programs firsthand. I was amazed at the love these programs pour into the children and their families. I also learned about Compassion's Survival programs on that trip. They give Christ-centered care to mothers of newborn babies and moms-to-be. Trained health specialists provide expectant women with prenatal care, education, nutrition, medical checkups, and birth assistance. Now David and I support a program in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.

Q: What's next for you? How can we connect with you? 

I'm working on a few book ideas that are being considered by publishing houses. Stay tuned! You can find all the information on my podcast, social media links, email, and Compassion International on my website

To purchase DISTRACTION DETOX, click HERE.



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