Gospel Artist Yael Hilton Opens Up About Her Calling, Music & New Single "Jesus"

Yael Hilton

Light Records/MNRK Music Group's Yael Hilton has just released her brand new single "Jesus." The song has not only been heartily embraced by fans, but it is already making headways into the playlists of many Gospel radio stations. You can listen to the new single on all streaming platforms now.

Hilton is a native of North Carolina, has touched the lives of many people both young and old. Many have turned their lives over to Christ from listening to Yael's songs and watching her videos on social media. Many testify to being healed, delivered, and set free through the anointing over her life.

Hilton has been singing since the age of four and later received the gift of salvation at the age of 14. She is the Minister of Music at the Fayetteville Deliverance Evangelistic Center. Her music ministry has afforded her great opportunities to travel across the United States, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Hilton is a graduate of North Central Theological Seminary with a degree in Theology with future goals of becoming a Christian Counselor.

Q: Yael, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's begin with yourself. You are the music minister at Fayetteville Deliverance Evangelistic Center, tell us more about your minister there. 

First, let me say thank you so much for having me, it's such an honor! Yes, I am the praise and worship leader at the Fayetteville Deliverance Evangelistic Center where my father is Pastor. I've been singing here since the age of 4 starting off in the jr. choir lol, and as time passed and I became much older, I became the minister of music.

Q: How did you first feel the call to serve the Lord with music? 

Music has always been a major part of my life. My grandparents were singers as well as my parents both are singers. As I grew up around music , I started paying more attention to lyrics in gospel music and how it made me feel. I made a promise to the lord that this gift he trusted me with I would use it to reach the lost. He called me to be a tool of liberation and through my music ministry I plan to do so to his glory.

Q: How would you describe your sound? What do you think sets your music apart? 

My sound I would say is heartfelt, passionate and true!  And I believe that sets me apart, not from all but from many. I believe people feel my music because it does come from my heart, from a place where I truly love Jesus with all of my being and those who have taken the time to listen know it to be true. The passion for him comes from a sincere place.

Q: Tell us about your journey and how you end up signing with Light Records/Entertainment. 

Well, They reached me through instagram. I would post videos singing and one day we had a conversation. I flew out to Nashville. TN, we had dinner and I met a lot of the team there. It's been history ever since.

Q: Why are you excited about your new single "Jesus"? How did the song come about? 

This song "Jesus" is special to me. It's a song that packs the gospel of Jesus Christ! It tells the story of why he came and why it's hard to doubt who he is. When the body of the song was introduced, I already knew it would be special!

Q: What can listeners look forward in terms of new music from you in the near future?  

We are currently working on new music! I look forward to sharing with you all soon! 

Q: How do you wish your music would impact the lives of your listeners? 

My prayer is that the music I release always reminds and encourages the believer and compels the lost to want to know who it is I'm singing about    

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