Bible Society Ukraine Remains Open to Bring Hope Through the Word of God

Bible Society Ukraine

Ever since Russia started invading Ukraine, more than one million of its citizens have left the country. Bible Society Ukraine have chosen to stay and are seeing an unprecedented interest in the Bible: every day, pastors and priests call or visit their offices and ask for free Scriptures as they reach out to the military and their families, to people living next to the frontlines, and even to those further away.

Spokesman for the Bible Society of Ukraine, Rostyslav Stasyuk says, "Please continue praying for peace in our country, for the governments on both sides that their hearts are influenced by the Holy Spirit, pray for our soldiers who are sacrificing their lives to protect their homeland."

He adds, "Also pray for church leaders and especially ministers to remain strong mentally and physically as they carry the message of hope and encouragement."

We want to share with you a video we received from the team on the ground - a beautiful video of resilient Ukrainian brothers and sisters reading Psalm 31 in their heart language from bomb shelters and cellars. 

The goal of Bible Society is to provide Scriptures to churches who are bringing the comforting and encouraging message of God's love to the Ukrainian people, amidst a time of military escalation.

The focus of the project will be nationwide, with a special focus on the Eastern and Southern provinces of Ukraine. This project aims to reach various audiences - children, youth, adults and elderly people - who all feel fear and uncertainty and are looking for hope.

Please keep Ukraine in your prayers:
- Please pray both for Ukraine and Russia, for peace here and across the whole region, for the governments involved, for the military, for churches and individuals, and for Bible Society Ukraine.
- Pray for the project partners who would be implementing this project, and following up with all those who receive Scriptures to lead them on their journey with God. 

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