ICF Worship Declares the Truth of Who God Is with "Faithful God"

ICF Worship

 ICF Worship will release their brand new Integrity Music single "Faithful God" tomorrow. The song is taken from their highly anticipated EP Here's To The One We Love which will be released on May 27th.   

Written by Ariena von Bergen, Dave Kull, Dominik Laim, Tamara Fontijn, and Luca Aprile, this catchy praise song focuses on declaring the truth about our God's character.  His unconditional love and the promise of His presence are at the forefront of the lyrics.

The motif centres around the inexhaustible nature of God and inspires us to never stray from Him. 'Faithful God' articulates ICF Worship's passion to encourage the body of Christ to praise God even in turbulent times. They exhort the listeners, "our only appropriate response is to praise Him." With their ultimate single before the release of Here's To The One We Love, the Swiss collective packs in straightforward and profound lyrics into positive vibes and catchy melodies. 

For over 10 years, ICF Worship's music has been growing alongside the church movement, seeing multiple album releases capturing its heart and developing a deeper sense of identity in their song writing and sound in the process. ICF Worship aim to write songs that speak the gospel beyond church walls. This has been expressed in the change seen in recent years as a greater number of the team have brought their skills and diversity to ICF Worship's vibrant song writing. 

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