PragerU Kids Celebrate Mother's Day with "Otto's Tales'" Book and Show

"Otto's Tales: Today is Mother's Day"

In celebrating Mother's Day, PragerU Kids release their latest "Otto's Tales" book, Otto's Tales: Today is Mother's Day. The new book teaches children about honoring one of life's most important gifts: mothers.

Otto's Tales: Today is Mother's Day takes readers on a time-travel adventure with young Dennis Prager and his best friend, Otto the bulldog. The duo enlists some of America's greatest mothers-second First Lady Abigail Adams and the first mother in space, Anna Lee Fisher-to help them pick out the perfect Mother's Day gift for Dennis's mom. Along the way, Dennis and Otto learn the foundational value of honoring a mother's invaluable work inside and outside of the home. The story has also been released as a storytime video on PragerU Kids.

"American culture and schools are now conditioning our youngest learners to reject family values and the unique abilities that women provide as mothers and caregivers," remarked Jill Simonian, director of outreach for PragerU Kids. "At PragerU Kids, we reject the left's backward reinvention of what it means to be a mother."

The book is the tenth installment of "Otto's Tales" and marks a PragerU Kids publishing milestone: in less than one year, the non-profit has released over 100 pieces of children's edu-tainment content. PragerU Kids has evolved into a multimedia education initiative for K-12th grade students featuring original books, videos and digital magazines with over 15 million views and 300,000 subscribers.

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