Angelo and Veronica Reflect on 30 Years of Marriage & Their New Collection

Angelo and Veronica

CCM veterans Angelo and Veronica are celebrating their 30 years of marraige with the release The Original Recordings 1990-91. The album features 12 never-released-before tracks that they have recorded in 1990 and 1991. 

Vernonica takes the time to remember the day she met her future husband, "I was 20 years old and a student at Berklee College of Music when I first met Angelo. I had just joined a band in college and it was one of our first gigs. Angelo came in one night, and as he tells it, the first time he saw me, he said, `that's my wife.' 

"I was so shy, I'd immediately run down to the dressing room after I sang instead hanging with people. It was a five night gig and he came in every night to try and talk to me. Angelo was 31 years old (felt like he was ages older!), impeccably dressed in a Giorgio Armani suit, with a haircut, highlights and five o' clock shadow just like George Michael. 

"He was already an established singer and guitar player in Boston since he was 13 years old. He had played in show bands many years but then started a duo. He had an experience in his first duo that didn't end well and planned never to sing and also date his partner ever again. So after that, he continued to do his duo but platonically."

Vernonica continues to talk about how they started dating. " Shortly after we started dating, he asked me to sit in with his duo. I sang a Whitney Houston song. After the song, the girl in his duo immediately took him aside and said, `you guys absolutely have to sing together.' She gracefully bowed out that night. We began singing together after that and have never stopped." 

Dating continued to lead to the couple singing together. She continuees, "Shortly after we started singing together, we went to a recording studio to record a demo. I remember two gentlemen who owned the studio heard us singing and said `you guys really need to get a record deal. But in order to go for a deal, you need to record your own original music.'

"After putting that bug in our ear, we began writing together which we had never tried before. Some of first songs we wrote were "Higher Place", "Knockin on Your Door", "If This World Were Mine",  and "The Light". I remember feeling so inspired by Angelo playing, what became "You're All I'll Ever Need", at his mom's piano in Hanover, MA. 

"We'd forgotten we recorded an entire album before we signed our first deal. Just some months ago, Angelo just happened to find it, completely in tact, out in our garage. We thought this album was perfect to celebrate our 30 years in music. All recorded in his mom's basement in 1990-91 are never before heard songs and original versions never before released until today... 

Track Listing:

1. Knockin on Your Door (The Original)

2. Just Believe it

3. If This World Were Mine (The Original) 

4. Higher Place (The Original) 

5. My Brother

6. You're All I'll Ever Need (The Original)

7.Taking Care of Business 

8. I Will Love Him 

9. Don't Say Goodbye

10. Make It Over

11. Power

12. The Light (The Original) 

You can purchase the album HERE.




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