New Docu-Film "Never Again?" Showcases the Horrors of Antisemitism

Never Again?

New faith-based movie Never Again? shares the parallel stories of a holocaust survivor and a reformed antisemite.  As antisemitism is on the rise in both prevalence and violence across the U.S. and around the world, Never Again's themes of exploring the distance between love and hate come at a pivotal time in our society.

Distributed through Cinedigm, the film will release On Demand & Digital on June 7 and will be available to own or rent on Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and more. Never Again will release on DVD June 21. 

"The release of this film comes at a pivotal moment in American history," states Director Calvin Aurand. "When we hear unthinkable stories from across the country that echo the sentiments of pre-World War II Europe, we know that the message of Never Again is extremely timely. We have to learn how to cross the lines of conflict and ideology that separate us today. To unpack our experiences and biases and choose to love people above all things. To hear and see each other beyond opportunity beyond personal or political ambition and choose love over hate." 

Never Again is a feature-length documentary about the horror of antisemitism and the power of survival and redemption.  Viewers will journey with a Holocaust survivor (Irving Roth) into the depths of darkness and surface in the light. You will also travel deep down the dark and twisted path once taken by a former radicalized Muslim (Kasim Hafeez) and join him as he describes his conversion, now defending Israel on the world's stage. Never Again will shed the spotlight on the modern-day hatred and bring you a newfound awareness of the power we have to say "We will not rest or be silent. NEVER AGAIN." 

The Anti-Defamation League has reported that antisemitic incidents in the US reached an all-time high in 2021, with 2,717 incidents, an increase of 34% from 2020.* 

In 2020, a Pew Research study showed that 45% of Americans did not know that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. Now, as we see scenes from Ukraine of the refugee crisis and mass destruction not seen since WWII, we need to be reminded that, even in our modern day, incredible violence remains a threat. 

"Viewers of the film will be guided by a Holocaust survivor and a former radical Islamist," said film producer Rick Eldridge, CEO of ReelWorks Studios. "They will learn about the history of antisemitism, and come to understand why all of us, regardless of political persuasion, have a responsibility to keep the promise of 'Never Again'." 

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