Former KANSAS Vocalist John Elefante Goes In-Depth to Talk About His New Album "The Amazing Grace"

John Elefante

The voice of the chart topping hits by Kansas, "Play the Game Tonight" and "Fight Fire With Fire," has just released a brand new studio album.The Amazing Grace by John Elefante is available now in North America through Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group). As an artist, Elefante's credits include writing and singing lead vocals on three multi-platinum albums; as producer, his albums have earned numerous GMA Dove Awards, four Grammy Awards and seven Grammy nominations. 

Q:  John, thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new album. Do you approach the making of your solo albums differently from how you would do a KANSAS album? 

Yes, the process is very different with a band project versus a solo album in that with a band your dealing with multiple ideas and personalities where as a solo album ideas are emanating mostly from a single source. I wouldn't say one way is better than the other just different.

Q:  How have COVID and the pandemic impacted the making of this new record? 

Firstly had it not been for covid I don't believe this record would exist at this time, it sort of forced me to and obvious place which was my home studio. Also lyrically caused me to reflect on things I had never before thought of but we chose to keep things on a very positive note such as the song "We Will Fine", In Christ we will be fine live or die.

Q: Why did you entitle the album "The Amazing Grace"? 

Because Grace especially Gods grace is amazing to me. I don't believe any of us deserve Grace it is what Christ did on the Cross that gives us Grace, not anything we have done. God has shown me much Grace in my life and I view it as AMAZING.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this album? 

Mostly writing new songs that I didn't think I had in me but once the flow of songs and ideas begin to flow it gets really exiting. I can tell a low-light, I myself caught covid and could not sing for a few months that delayed things quite a bit and starting back up was a bit hard.

Q:  Talk to us about the heart behind the single "Stronger Now."

 When the pandemic set in we were weakened, scared and felt helpless not knowing where it lead but I and my friend who co-wrote the lyric were convinced that we would come out stronger on the other end...AND WE DID

Q: One of my favorite songs on the album is "And When I'm Gone." Tell us more about this song. 

As I mentioned earlier covid caused me to reflect on a lot of things in my life one being the great relationship I had with my Mom who passed away. She was such a tremendous influence on me not only how I was raised but how she so much helped me build my character. We wrote the music and melody first and writing a song about my Mom was perfect fit for this song. 

Q: How do you wish these songs would speak to your listeners? 

As all the solo records I make my wish is for someone to relate strongly to a lyric and in turn possibly draw them closer to Christ, strengthen their faith or receive Christ as their Savior. I want my legacy to be someone who wrote songs that helped turn someones life around for the better, FOR JESUS... 



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