Brooke Ligertwood Releases "Honey in the Rock" EP

Brooke Ligertwood

GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter, producer and critically-acclaimed artist Brooke Ligertwood announces the release Honey in the Rock EP today. The new record features three versions of "Honey in the Rock," two of which have never been released before. They include Ligertwood's live version at Passion 2022 and a new acoustic rendition. 

"Honey In The Rock," featuring special guest Brandon Lake, is a powerfully soulful anthem dedicated to comforting reassurance of God's provision in the wilderness. Layered with soaring choral harmony, the new song amplifies a message of faith in His guidance and trust in His providence. "No matter where I go," the lyrics assure, "I don't need to worry now that I know/everything I need You've got." 

"Honey in the Rock" is taken from Ligertwood's recently released album SEVEN. Recorded live in Nashville, Tenn., SEVEN features a band composed of gifted musicians from the breadth of the modern worship movement (Hillsong, Bethel, Vineyard, Elevation), a 30-piece choir, and a collection of stunning new prayer-soaked songs written and arranged in line with Ligertwood's singular vision with Jesus at the center. 

"In the opening chapter of the book of Revelation, the apostle John is instructed to write down what he sees and to send the letters to the seven churches," says Ligertwood. "The words come from Christ, who we read is "standing among" the seven lampstands, which represent the church. 'SEVEN' is so-named because of this. I have simply written down what I have been given to write, and now send it to the church, which the Lord Jesus would remind us He stands right in the middle of."



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