Anthony Nelson Offers Exclusive Insights into "Love Letter" & More New Music

Anthony Nelson

Rising gospel star Anthony Nelson is back with his debut Shanachie Entertainment single "Love Letter." The song was written by Anthony and Shanzel Willis and produced by Anthony with Desmin Gore, "Love Letter" is a beautiful soaring expression of gratitude for the Lord's blessings. 

"Love Letter" is the first single from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers' inaugural single from Anthony's forthcoming and yet untitled release due in Fall 2022. 

Q: Anthony, thank you for doing this interview with us. I just read that your #1 single "Deeper" has more than 2 million streams. How does that make you feel?

The streams make me feel both appreciative and grateful.  I'm very appreciative to every listener who supports and loves the record, and I am very grateful to the LORD for everything.  Without Him, the song would simply not exist. 

Q: Congratulations also on signing with Shanachie Records. How did you get to work with them?

Thank you for the very kind words.  My manager submitted music to the General Manager of Shanachie Records almost two years ago, and I think that he initially enjoyed the music.  But, I believe that God really placed my music into his heart and mind at the beginning of this year, as he recently made the decision to add me to their amazing roster.

Q: You have also released your debut single with Shanachie "Love Letter." What is the song about? And why are you excited about it?

"Love Letter" is a nostalgic type of song in a sense.  Back in the day, letters were a big deal and were a primary way to show love towards someone.  In this technological age, we have somewhat vacated pen and paper for smartphones and such.  But the song is a "Dear God" worship ballad to express our love to Him.  I'm always excited when I hear or write songs that are nostalgic in nature yet contemporary in its presentation.

Q: Are you currently working on a new album? If so, what can we be expecting?

Yes, I am currently working on a new album.  It is still untitled to date, but I know the LORD will give me the title that is apt and pertinent.  As far as expectations, I think that listeners can expect a cohesive body of work that has a great mix of up-tempo praise and soulful worship ballads.

Q: Who are you working with on this upcoming record?

I am working with a really good team of musicians, vocalists and producers including BMI Trailblazer and Stellar-Award winning producer Sean "Keys" Willis who composed "Love Letter" and several other songs on the project.  I am also aiming to work with another Stellar-Award winning producer on a song or two and to include a couple phenomenal vocalists as special guests.

Q: Are you currently touring? If so, what can our readers look forward to in your live shows?

Due to lingering COVID restrictions, especially in my geographical region, I am currently not touring.  Henceforth, it's a great time to be in the studio as I'm currently working on finalizing the LP by this fall.  As far as live shows, readers can look forward to a lot of energy, good singing, and excellent musicianship when attending live worship experiences...all for the glory of God.

Q: How do you wish your new songs would impact the faith and the lives of your listeners?

I hope that the new songs would help to make the listeners' faith even stronger or give listeners hope where they may not have had strength to move forward.  For me, that's the primary goal.  And, I believe that these things will happen, if I'm obedient and humble in serving the LORD.


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