FREE MUSIC: Vineyard Worship's "Room at the Table"

Vineyard Worship

For a limited time, you can download the mp3, sheet and chord charts to Vineyard Worship UK's brand new single, "Room At The Table" for FREE. Click here to download.

The new song is full of warmth from the first note, with elements of mellow blues and soft rock. The balmy vocals of worship leader Olu Meduoye are adorned with a delicate reverb that adds to the overall inviting sound. "Room At The Table" follows Jesus' journey to the cross and meditates on the beauty of his body and blood given for us. It is a song of remembrance and invitation to take part in the endless life He offers.

Written by Vineyard Worship artists Olu Meduoye, Jonny Riggs and Marc James, "Room At The Table" is the musical expression of a central value in the Vineyard movement to "come as you are". The new single is a melody of God's open arms towards us, inviting dusty feet and broken hearts to the table of the Lord.

Marc James shares that the song journeyed from starting around the act of communion, "which in many parts of the global Church is seen as the highest point of worship," he says, "to a broader invitation to join the great feast of the kingdom, bringing everybody in."

"Room At The Table" is a relatable song, welcoming our human frailty to sit at the feet of Jesus. Vineyard Worship penned a new song full of character, trading a heavily produced sound for rawness and approachability.

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