NEDY Advocates for Anti-Bullying with "FUEL"


Rising Inspirational Pop singer/songwriter NEDY has the perfect anthem against bullying with the release of her latest single "FUEL." On a mission to end bullying in every aspect, NEDY's release of "FUEL" is coming at the perfect time with school starting across the United States. 

"FUEL" is about using the hate you get from your haters and critics to fuel you into your purpose and passion. It is a fun, light-hearted yet confident response. For me, the more someone says I can't achieve my dreams, the more I will do everything I can to prove them wrong," shares NEDY.

"FUEL" is perfect for any upbeat playlist, with its modern sounds and pop flair. Taking a stand against the trauma of bullying many have experienced, NEDY created the Friends Forever Club, an anti-bullying nonprofit, playing hand in hand with the concept of the single to combat childhood bullying. Offering a shoulder to lean on, the club is a safe space for those going through troubling times of self-doubt fueled by the damage of bullying and acts as a friend to those experiencing this hatred firsthand. Keep up with NEDY on social media as she announces multiple projects in the works! Fans will not want to miss the iconic force and kind soul. NEDY has recently been interviewed by NBCLX, Newsmax, OCTV,, and more.

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