Getting to Know Avenue Trio & Their Heart Behind "Crucified. Magnified. Glorified."


Avenue Trio - comprised of husband and wife, Kasey & Haley Kemp and Jonathan Mattingly - have released their latest project, Crucified. Magnified. Glorified. This collection contains brand new recordings of songs that have found their way into churches across America and around the world - both beloved hymns alongside new worship songs. 

From songs like "Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed," to "Jesus Cares for Me," and "It Takes Jesus," and so much more, the music exists to bring the listener into a time of worship.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves, how was the Avenue formed?

Thank you for asking us! Avenue was formed with the intent of ministering at churches, concerts, revivals, but also branching into performing concerts for non-profit ministries to raise earned and funds for them. Mainly other ministries that work in anti-abortion, drug rehabilitation and anti-human trafficking. 

Q: Why did you call yourselves Avenue?

We are passionate about The Gospel and music. We think music is an awesome "avenue" in which to share The Gospel. Plus, if you are born again, we are on the avenue to heaven together! 

Q: You have just released a brand new album. Why did you choose to record an album of both hymns and worship songs?

We do revivals from time to time. We needed some material that allows us to lead worship and have some invitational songs. Aside from that, some of the special events we are doing with non-profit ministries require some worship leading aside from regular concert material. We also figured recording some familiar and worship songs would fit well into our normal concerts, too. 

Q: How did you narrow down your selected songs?

Concert songs are mostly about Christ. Worship songs are singing to Him. We looked into songs the church has embraced and are embracing now, that are scripturally sound, and separated them by different messages that we felt would edify the church. We narrowed it to these songs and feel they will be affective. 

Q: Talk to us about the value of singing both hymns and contemporary songs. 

The bottom line is, are they scripturally sound. Once that is established, we want to make sure there are a variety of messages that address different subjects. Put songs people are familiar with and introduce some new ones that meet the above criteria and it creates a great album with songs that work well in concert services. 

Q: What were some of your personal highlights in making this record?

We enjoyed so much working with producer Jason Webb. Jason is a believer and a musical genius. When we explained what we were seeking to accomplish on a spiritual and musical level, he completely understood and walked us through the process with professionalism and lots of fun! 

Q: How do you hope these songs would speak to the lives of your listeners? 

We try to model ourselves after these three things. Honor The Lord in everything we do. Sing good songs and sing them well. Love people. Doing our best to combined these efforts, we pray this record leads people in worship in live setting and that the record helps people further their private time with our creator. 

The project is available now on all streaming platforms or via the groups website at



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