Joseph Habedank and his Wife Lindsay Announce a Surprise EP "Together"

Joseph Habedank

GRAMMY®-nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning singer-songwriter, Joseph Habedank and his wife Lindsay announce that they are releasing a surprise EP Together on October 3. The record features 6 new songs allowing the couple to testify what God has had been doing in their lives in the last few years.

Lindsay writes, "In 2013, after three years of marriage, our whole world changed and we quickly found ourselves trying to survive the many challenges of Joseph's addiction. If we could take you on a musical journey into the promises that somehow got through all of the chaos and into our hearts, these are the songs you would've heard over the last nine years. Our hope is that no matter where you are in life, these songs will encourage you to believe that God still works miracles. We've seen Him do it."

Things took a drastic turn for Joseph when he developed an ulcer in his throat and began using opioid pain medication during his tour in 2008. "There was a lady who saw that I was in pain and I think she very instantly asked me, 'Hey, how are you gonna sing tonight?'" he tells PEOPLE of the first time he was introduced to prescription pain killers. "I said, 'I'll be fine. I'll get through it.' She said, 'Well, I think I've got some medicine that will help you.'"

The Ohio native says he began taking low dosages over the next few days. "I might've had maybe five painkillers that weekend and then I stopped," he recalls. But soon he found himself struggling with the start of a life-changing battle with addiction.

In the midst of battling substance abuse issues, the gospel singer he met Lindsay.  After years of struggling with the help of Lindsay and friends, Joseph checked into Cumberland Heights on June 8, 2013  - five years after he had been introduced to opioids. After learning that only about 10 percent of patients remain sober, Habedank was determined to succeed by following all of the advice his counselors gave him along his road to recovery.  

Here's the tracklist:

1. Together

2. Restore

3. Through It All

4. Love Is Not A Fight

5. Under My Feet

6. I've Seen Him Do It




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