Cellus Hamilton's "Shabbat" Invites Us into a Life of Rest

Cellus Hamilton

Christian rapper Cellus Hamilton returns with his brand new single "Shabbat" (featuring Knine) and its accompanying video. The song is taken from Hamilton's latest album His Songbook for the Journey. With amazing production from Chicago producer Von Vuai, Shabbat is sure to be on repeat-especially when you need to slow down and rest. Check out the official video below! 

"Shabbat" is the Hebrew word that literally translates to "He rested". It refers to The Sabbath, which is the seventh day of the week. It is the day the Torah commands to be kept Holy-through the practice of rest. While Shabbat is widely associated with Jewish practice, it is widely observed by Christians. Shabbat is the foundation concept for Cellus Hamilton's latest music video.

As Hamilton has often publicly expressed his struggles with work-life balance, he releases a sort of anthem for those of us who find ourselves constantly working. Our never-ending work communicates that we don't truly believe God will care for us. It reveals our insecurities and the shallow depths with which we have rejected God's love. The Jesus of the Bible invites us into a life of rest, and that is exactly what Cellus Hamilton's song is all about.

In the video, Hamilton is so busy working that he is constantly ignoring his family. This addiction lands him in a work addiction rehab where Hamilton explores several rest techniques. The video is directed by CamWitDaCam out of Washington, DC.

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