Best Selling Author Jameliah Gooden Helps Readers Build Stronger Marriages with New Book

Jameliah Gooden

Earning a top spot on Amazon's bestseller list, Jameliah Gooden's second book, A Needle in a Haystack: How to Find Love in the Rubble, is trending. Gooden's second book is a guide for finding and recognizing love, and it is a perfect book for all people looking for meaningful lifetime connections. 

Gooden knows A Needle in a Haystack will help individuals find their perfect mates and form real and lasting partnerships. She knows because she found her "needle" in her husband, Pastor Fred D. Gooden, III. She encourages her readers to break away from the enormous pressures of modern dating and to find playfulness in their social lives.

"We should be putting ourselves out there and just having fun," says Gooden. "There should be no forced end goal or expectation. That's how you find your needle."

Personal struggles with identity and failed relationships can be difficult topics, but Gooden faces these obstacles with candor and transparency. She knows how a bad relationship can hinder going forward and trying again. Gooden hopes her work will help all readers find the truth themselves and experience the healing that self-actualization can offer. 

"People have dating all wrong," advises Gooden. "It should be fun, not something to fear. Just relax and be yourself. Call it 'fellowshipping,' because when you set expectations, you can end up hiding the truth to conform to what you think it is someone else wants." 

Gooden acknowledges that the process of finding your soulmate begins with self-work. She started her growth journey by sharing her self-help memoir, Death of An Angry Black Woman. Fans and followers of Gooden got a taste of her candor and jaw-dropping honesty, which she serves up again in A Needle in a Haystack: How to Find Love in the Rubble. She worked on herself in the first book and found a partner to share life with in the second. Her no-nonsense persona has allowed her message and story of growth to resonate with audiences all over the world.

A Needle in a Haystack: How to Find Love in the Rubble, Death of an Angry Black Woman, and The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts can be ordered on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Jameliah Gooden and her husband, Fred, are pastors at Unity Church of Charlotte in North Carolina. She is also the host of the world-renowned Facebook Live show Car Chronicles Movement, with over 500,000 followers. You can also find the Goodens together on Facebook for their Coupling series, where they discuss solutions for maintaining healthy relationships. Jameliah Gooden's bestselling self-help book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman, addresses the stereotypes Black women face and uncovers the seeds that lead many to live anger-filled lives. Her latest release, The Pocket Book: A Small Book of Powerful Posts, shares how to connect with your online audience in a more meaningful and authentic way.

You can find Gooden online at, on Facebook (, Instagram (@official_page_mj) and YouTube (Pastor Jameliah Gooden).  


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