A first taste of spoilers for the fifth season of HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”


For the night is dark and full of terrors, especially without Game of Thrones to keep us entertained and feel more alive as we travel to the land across the narrow sea. Fans of HBO's latest bestselling series could barely sleep at night when the season ended with so many questions left unanswered and stories to be unraveled.

Where to begin? Let us first talk about the Starks, the favorite family whose number seems to keep decreasing as each season passes. Arya is bound to Braavos to become a skilled swords girl or maybe an assassin, we barely know for sure but we do know that many things await her. Meanwhile, we say goodbye to the whiny Sansa and say hello to her deviously looking and yet lovable transformation. With her in black, it only means that this Stark is ready for war. Lastly, we have Bran who will no longer walk but will fly, according to the creepy old man on the tree. What of his future? Only time can tell.

When Season 5 returns, we will have less screen time of Kings Landing and have it divided on various lands, Riverrun, the Vale, Meereen, the North and wait for it... the city of Dorne. Yes, we will be seeing plenty of Oberyn's people in the next season and we are excited to hear the gorgeous accent that smart actor have invented. Hopefully, they adapt it as it gives a sense of the place being foreign.

The ungodly wait continues for us and with so many loved and hated, and both characters that have been killed off in the show, we are keeping our fingers crossed that our bet will stay alive.



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