Worship Leader Martha Munizzi Shares Her Life Stories in Her New Book

Martha Munizzi

From one of the best-selling, independent female gospel artists of all time, comes a brand-new book full of spirit, music, and faith. Martha Munizzi's long-awaited first book, Because Of Who You Are: The Stories Behind My Music, explores the stories behind the music from one of Gospel music's most beloved singers. The new book is now available here.

Because Of Who You Are: The Stories Behind My Music, beautifully recounts the pivotal experiences in Martha's life that have shaped her faith. From her childhood growing up in ministry, the blessings of marriage and motherhood, to her award-winning music career, Martha brings readers along for a story full of heart, passion, and wisdom acquired from her walk with God.

Some of Martha's most memorable praise & worship songs that we sing today were birthed out of everyday real-life experiences. Others were birthed out of dramatic life experiences. But all were extraordinary encounters with God. Behind every uplifting song of praise and worship that Martha has written or sung is a powerful story, and here are the inspiring stories behind thirty of Martha's most treasured praise and worship songs. You'll read the stories behind such beloved songs as "Because Of Who You Are", "Say The Name", "Glorious", and many others.

"I've wanted to write this book for a long time and wanted to write a book that would make people laugh, challenge their relationship with the Lord, and inspire them to radically know God", says the Grammy-nominated artist. "As I've traveled in ministry for the last 20 plus years, I've shared my personal experiences of trauma in my childhood, the challenges of marriage & raising a family on the road while having a ministry career, as well as overcoming self-doubt and insecurities as a woman in ministry.

Through the years my husband Dan has constantly reminded me of how powerful stories are, and would always say, 'Martha, you've got to write your stories down so more people can know about your journey. You have more to give than just your music. People need to know how the songs were written and the storms God has brought you through!'"

Similar themes of faith and hope are found in Munizzi's music. Her albums, "The Best Is Yet To Come," "Make It Loud," and "Best Days" contain songs that uplift God and reassure listeners of His power to change their lives!

Martha continues, "Whether I'm singing before thousands on the road or preaching on Sundays in my home church in Orlando, one of my main goals is to help build faith, stir up joy, and encourage people to keep worshiping God no matter how difficult their situation may be, and this book is another way and opportunity for me to continue giving people hope!"

The Dove & Stellar award-winning artist shares stories of her life and career and lessons she's learned along the way, including growing up in a musical family, starting a church with her husband and children, and balancing her career and family life.

Full of heartfelt and profound lessons in life, Because Of Who You Are: The Stories Behind My Music, offers readers a glimpse into the life of legendary gospel singer Martha Munizzi, as well as an opportunity to grow in their own faith and wisdom as they pursue a closer relationship with the Lord. 


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