Darren Wilson's New Film, "The God Man," Presents Jesus for a New Generation

Darren Wilson

Filmmaker Darren Wilson's latest project, "The God Man," is set to debut on the big screen for a special one-night-only event on June 6, 2023, through Fathom Events. Known for his powerful documentaries that explore the intersection of faith and spirituality, Wilson's new film promises to be his most ambitious project yet.

"The God Man" sees Wilson once again traveling the world in attempting to capture God moving on film.  His past films (including "Finger of God", "Father of Lights", "Holy Ghost") helped create an entirely new sub-genre of faith-based films where moves of God are caught on camera in real-time. For his latest film, Darren turns his attention to the most famous person in history, Jesus Christ.  Through a series of dreams, chance encounters, and divine timing, Darren follows a spiritual rabbit trail that eventually leads to a remarkable conclusion about the nature and character of Jesus.    

"The God Man" is Wilson's first film to hit the big screen and is the final film in the six-film saga.

"With "The God Man", I set out to try to make a Jesus film for a new generation," said Wilson. "The world is becoming darker and more divided, depression is soaring, and for many people life simply has no meaning.  But Jesus has always been the answer.  And with this film, I wanted to try to show that Jesus is not church, He's not religion.  But He is the answer to everything."  

Tickets for "The God Man" are now available for sale through the Fathom Events website and participating theaters. The film will be shown in select theaters across the country on June 6, 2023, at 7:00 PM local time.  Tickets can be found and purchased at: 

Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker known for his documentaries exploring faith and spirituality. His previous films include "Finger of God," "Father of Lights," and "Holy Ghost."  Devon Franklin, former VP of Production for Columbia Pictures calls Darren, "one of the most innovative filmmakers and authors of faith today." 

For more information on "The God Man" and other upcoming Fathom Events releases, visit 

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