Jason Gray's Brand New Songs Address the Issues of Godly Masculinity & Childlike Faith

Jason Gray

Centricity Music recording artist Jason Gray releases a pair of singles "Good Man" and "When I Grow Up." In a culture where masculinity is often frowned at, "Good Man" challenges that narrative. The song speaks about maturity and living in a way that exemplifies the beauty of manhood in the home and in society.

I want to be the kind of man a woman's not afraid to trust
The kind of friend you call at 3 AM 'cause you know that they'll show up
A man who keeps his word, who's known for his integrity
When I get it wrong let me be known for my apology
Oh oh oh I still wanna be that man 

Gray writes,"`It's better to be a woman than to be a man,' I heard my son say. It broke my heart to hear him feel a sense of shame and embarrassment over such a fundamental part of who he is, but I understood why.

"Man or woman-life is difficult! But the particular crisis men face in our culture is being cast as public enemy #1 and caught in the crossfire of being judged as "weak/passive" on one hand or "toxic/patriarchal" on the other. It can be hard to know how to move in the world when there are landmines in every direction.  

"While some criticisms may be warranted and can be learned from, and while sometimes we certainly fail to be all we can be, the one thing almost every man I know has in common is a deep desire to be good. It burns in his chest like an ember waiting to be kindled."

Meanwhile, Gray's second new song "When I Grow Up" is a reminder that, according to Matt 18:2-4, we can aim no higher than to mature into childlikeness (not to be confused with childishness). Cultivating a sense of childlike wonder keeps us curious, humble, open and free from bitterness and the dark side of ambition. 

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