Check Out Westward Road's "City of Light"

Westward Road

Westward Road has just released their Daywind Records album City of Light. The album is now available on all digital platforms and on their website. Go listen, we know you are going to love this new project. 

Providing a unique blend of gospel and modern worship music is where Westward Road excels. Westward Road is an exciting and dynamic family trio, led by Scott Roberts, a 20 year veteran worship leader and nation charting songwriter, and his wife, the talented and award winning vocalist, Kelli Roberts. Their son, Garrett Roberts completes the superbly gifted musical family with his smooth vocal tones.

Their "out of the box" take on worship and gospel music paired with their God given ability to communicate the Good News takes audiences into the presence of God in a very powerful way. They have performed for audiences in large theaters and for intimate settings in rural churches, festivals and fairs. A Westward Road concert leaves you uplifted by their message of hope and encouraged to live a life of trust in God. Their inspiring style of music along with their smooth family harmonies and ability to lead God's people into His presence through worship will have audiences of all ages falling in love with this fun and energetic trio.  

1. City of Light
2. Stone by Stone
3. Only God
4. There Is A Cross
5. Forgiven
6. Up
7. Love One Another
8. Everything Changes
9. He Never Will
10. I Come Boldly To Your Thorne
11. Everyday, God Will Make A Way 

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