The Big Bang Theory’s Stars, Penny And Leonard’s Wedding: The Big Bang Theory Bosses Say ‘No Wedding For Penny And Leonard’

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The Big Bang Theory's Stars, Penny And Leonard's Wedding: The Big Bang Theory Bosses Say 'No Wedding For Penny And Leonard'

The Internet has been flooded with reports of the Big Bang's Theory controversy over payrise. Well, the writers and producers of the Big Bang Theory have put aside the contract talks to leak to their fans some information about the season 8 and it seems like those wanting Penny and Leonard to get hitched will have to wait for a long time. Time Warner, who was joined by the superfan Craig Ferguson at the Big Bang Theory's San Diego-Con reveal, made sure that there were just enough details to excite the fans about the forthcoming series. When we asked whether Penny would walk down the aisle and wed Leonard, Steve Molaro, the executive producer, and the writers revealed to us that it would not be happening any time soon. "They are engaged and the wedding is somewhere far off in the future. Penny's first step is to put the wedding date far off in the future so people don't think she's pregnant and then go from there."

The Sheldon and Amy situation was also updated. "He didn't leave because of Amy, so I would argue that they have their own weird brand of happiness right now," Molaro said. He also added that the kiss scene was quite a stressful time in the writers' room that they had to actually write another version of the scene which we have not yet seen.

When asked whether the viewers will ever get to see Penny, and Wil Wheaton's movie, Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill, they went ahead and produced a trailer of that.

In an interview with TV line, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, hinted the possibility of Lisa Kudrow, joining the cast as Penny's mother. She went ahead to say that marriage life will be on cards this season. She also said that Penny is not really suited to plan the wedding as she is more easy-going that Leonard

It is anticipated that there will be many surprises for fans in the coming season. The show premieres on September 22nd on CBS.


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