Singer and Songwriter Dan Bremnes Chats About His Upcoming Capitol Music Album

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Dan Bremnes is the latest signee of Capitol Christian Music Group.  As he is readying his debut full length album, this Canadian singer-songwriter has just released his single "Beautiful," which is already available for download at iTunes. Dan Bremnes has toured extensively throughout Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Most recently he supported Steven Curtis Chapman on the six-date Canadian "The Glorious Unfolding Tour" this past spring. Bremnes will be joining labelmate Josh Wilson on tour this fall in the U.S. 

Hallels:  Congratulations on signing with Capitol Christian Music Group, for our readers who may not be familiar with you, can you briefly tell us who you are.

Thanks Hallels. I'm just a small town boy from Salmon Arm, BC in Canada. I love writing music, surfing (whenever I'm near a warm ocean) and making coffee. My first instrument was the drums and I never dreamed of being a singer. God has a great sense of humour! 
Hallels:  How would you describe your style of music? 

It's a combo between singer/songwriter meets pop, meets worship. I grew up loving both worship music and top 40 radio. It's kind of a mixture!
Hallels:  Currently you have a new single entitled "Beautiful."  Tell us, what is this song about?

This song is simply about the miracle God brings about when He gets ahold of our lives. We come to God broken and in need. He takes us the way we are and gives us a new story like the chorus says, 'You changed me from what I used to be, opened my eyes now I can see, You're making this life so beautiful.' 
Hallels:  I believe you are working on your album.  Who have you been working with in terms of producers and songwriters? 

I've been working with some amazing people. There's a few I've really clicked with, and mainly have gravitated towards those who do both writing/producing.  Ed Cash, Chris Stevens, Ben Glover, David Garcia, and Jeff Pardo.
Hallels:  When do you think the album will be released?  Is the album titled yet?

We don't have an exact date yet, but looking at early 2015. Throwing around a few idea's for a title but not decided yet.
Hallels:  Coming from Australia, I was so honored to hear about your trip to Australia which was very influential on your own life and ministry.  Can you tell us more?

Australia holds a special place in my heart. This is where God really changed my life. It's where I found a real relationship with Him, and of course, a bunch of amazing people I call some of my closest friends.  Also, it doesn't hurt that it happens to be one of the most beautiful places on earth!
Hallels:  What do you think is the greatest blessing and challenge in being a Christian artist? 

The biggest blessing is being able to see a song change someone, or see it bring a person closer to God. The biggest challenge is it's easy to just get busy! I find myself constantly having to take time each day to thank God and seek Him. I know that if I don't continue to 'plug in' I won't be much good to anyone! 

To find out more about Dan, visit: 

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