AsFireFalls Launches Heavy-Hitting Debut Album, "Catatonic Misery"


Boise, ID-based metalcore outfit AsFireFalls have released their debut album, Catatonic Misery. The album is available everywhere at

Catatonic Misery follows of slew of high-powered single releases that have stoked fans' expectations. The album itself is a long time coming, and lands as a true labor of love. Hand-crafted by the band in their own studio, Catatonic Misery offers a blend of crushing riffs, emotive melodies, and reflective lyrics, creating an immersive experience for listeners.

Comprised of Kris Lindstrom (vocals), Nic Lindstrom (drums), Nick Gregory (guitar) and Jake Doster (guitar), the band has been built from a lifetime of musical collaboration between Kris and Nic Lindstrom - a synergy that is evident on the band's debut project. Nick Gregory has been on board since they were teenagers looking for a guitarist on Craigslist. Although Jake has only been in the band since 2022, he's also a longtime friend and classmate of Nic's. The chemistry that results from lifelong friendships means AsFireFalls is able to present a cohesive, well-honed sound.

"Towards the end of COVID, we were all in a turning point in our lives," lead singer Kris Lindstrom recalls. "Nick and Nick had gotten married. And we're all getting older. So we were like, if we're going to do music, let's give it a fair shot. Let's go at it for real. We decided to write a full album, and we dove headfirst into it."

The result was a creative outpouring that would become Catatonic Misery. Laden with potent emotional lyrics and a heavy-hitting sound, AsFireFalls makes their way through themes ranging from unrealized and painful relationships ("Know You," "5 AM," "Blame") to commentary on digital darkness ("Praetorian") to more esoteric explorations of fear and overcoming ("Mind Killer," "Otherwise"). This musical journey is compelling and connective, giving fans many opportunities to see themselves in the lyrics.

"We're trying to write really good music that's not offensive, but provoking," singer Kris Lindstrom explains. "I mostly try to go for abstract thoughts and more thought-provoking lyrics, rather than overt words. I like abstract imagery and things that can apply to multiple situations. Like it might sound like a breakup song, but it could also sound like they're dealing with something internally."

That dynamic is displayed well in the album's evocative title and its corresponding title track. 

Lindstrom says of the song, "A haunting and melancholic journey into the depths of despair, 'Catatonic Misery' lyrically delves into the feeling of being consumed by loss and hopelessness. With a focus on the abstract, the song attempts to capture the ineffable sensations of feeling trapped, of having everything go wrong, and of losing all sense of direction. The song invites the listener to confront their own feelings of despair, and to find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone."

Listeners can find that comfort by streaming Catatonic Misery on all major platforms now. You can find more ways to keep up with AsFireFalls at

In the past, AsFireFalls has landed a top 10 Christian Rock single with "Branson the Bear." They've also shared the stage with genre headline acts like I Prevail, Wage War, Mariana's Trench, Switchfoot and Project 86. You can learn more about AsFireFalls at



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