Natasha Owens Talks Trump and “The Chosen One” with Alveda King

Natasha Owens

Natasha Owens has gone viral again with her latest single, "The Chosen One" (Radiate Music). Like her previous chart-topper "Trump Won," the new single and music video went viral almost immediately with over 36 million posts on TikTok alone, thanks in part to a Truth Social post from former President Donald J. Trump and a slew of media appearances including the Real America's Voice TV show, "The Root Reaction" with Wayne Allyn Root, who first sparked the idea for the song.

Natasha sat down with civil right and pro-life icon, Dr. Alveda King, to discuss the new song and the criticisms that come with it. You can watch the full discussion on YouTube

"President Trump is not the Messiah," Natasha tells Alveda during the interview. "I know that he is not Jesus, but throughout time throughout the Bible imperfect people were chosen by a perfect God to do His work and do His will.... So many people are flawed but God still chooses to use us and and use our hands and feet to do His work and so I do believe that President Trump - he's not the chosen one like the Messiah - but he has been chosen not only from the people in this country but for God to push back and gain territory in our favor."

Adds Alveda, "Many are called but few are chosen and they're chosen for such a time as this, as you said, because they say yes. Many people won't say yes and he has said yes and you have said yes and you are taking the hits. You're very brave... Now I know you are not comparing President Trump to Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate chosen one as you have said over and over."

Natasha started the current trend of patriotic anthems topping the pop charts when her smash hit single "Trump Won," became a viral hit in 2023 amassing over 70 million social media impressions despite shadow banning and widespread reports of posts, retweets and shares being removed on nearly all platforms. The song shocked the music industry upon it's release in March, immediately debuting at #1 on iTunes before debuting at #5 on the BILLBOARD Digital Sales Chart and #2 on the BILLBOARD Country Digital Song Sales Chart. Former President Donald J. Trump repeatedly posted about the single at TruthSocial. 

Her latest studio album, AMERICAN PATRIOT, is a bold, proud, powerful concept collection that bridges an unwavering love of country with the themes of faith and family that have always played a significant part in her artistry. The album includes notable tracks such as "America First" and "Stand for Life," and the patriotic trend has continued with new singles "2nd Protects the First," "Party People" and "The Star Spangled Banner." She's had extensive media coverage including appearances on Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Huckabee, Real America's Voice, War Room with Steve Bannon, The Eric Metaxas Show, Lindell TV with Mike Lindell, CNN, Al Jezeera, and HLN, among others.

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