"The Promised Land" Series from "The Chosen" Crew Premieres on YouTube Today!

The Promised Land Series

Let the journey begin. THE PROMISED LAND, a new comedy of biblical proportions, premieres on YouTube Monday, July 1 at 8 p.m. EDT. Call it the Exodus meets The Office. Call it The Chosen meets the Old Testament. Whatever you call it, it's safe to call THE PROMISED LAND the most-anticipated online premiere of the year. 

"A mockumentary portraying Moses and the Israelites? And it's actually good and faithful?" says Dallas Jenkins, the creator of The Chosen. "The world needs a show like this. Seriously."

Mitch Hudson-writer, director, and creator of THE PROMISED LAND-has been part of The Chosen journey since filming began in 2018. As the 2nd 2nd assistant director, Hudson has built a rapport with the thousands of extras he has directed over the four-plus seasons of filming. Hudson's experience extends to the set of the Kendrick Brothers' movies Overcomer and Lifemark and the Angel Studios film, The Shift.

While this is a fun comedy, it doesn't make light of the Bible. The show has fun with the characters-including Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Joshua, Zipporah, and Jethro-but treats the biblical material as sacred. The goal is to make the Bible relevant and fun to generations that grew up with Michael Scott and Leslie Knope on TV.

Heading into the closing days of a 40-day introductory, grass-roots, social-media campaign, THE PROMISED LAND has found and connected with its audience: 

  • 4.6 million in organic reach across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Instagram followers grew to 123,000
  • Roughly 17 million views across all platforms' content
  • More than 1.4 million content interactions

"The Promised Land is filmed in a comical documentary style-a mockumentary, if you will," Hudson says. "The characters are aware that they are being filmed and will often make comments to the camera. Talking-head style interviews with the characters help us connect to these biblical characters like never before."

THE PROMISED LAND stars Wasim No'mani as Moses, Shereen Khan as Miriam, Majed Sayess as Aaron, Brad Culver as Korah, Dav Coretti as Chisisi, Tryphena Wade as Zipporah, Artoun Nazareth as Joshua, and Tucker Smallwood as Jethro.

The pilot episode, which premieres today, July 1, was filmed in New Mexico in October 2022. The remainder of the first season is tentatively scheduled for filming this fall, with release in 2025. More details will be announced ahead of production; distribution rights are expected to be announced at a later date.

In addition to Hudson, the producing team includes Richie Johns (founder, Studio 523), Jeremy Crouch (Lek Productions), Bob Elder (founder / CEO, Collide Media Group), and Adam Drake (co-producer, The Chosen).

The trailer can be seen here.

More information is available at or on socials: @thepromisedlandseries. The YouTube channel premiere begins at 8 p.m. EDT July 1. 


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