Scandal's New Season, New Characters Going In And Old Ones Are Now Saying Goodbye


Fans around the world, all are very excited about the start of the upcoming season of Scandal.

Past reports asserts that the show's new season is surely to premiere with a huge time jump, as said by Shonda Rhimes, creator of the show.

Rhimes attested that Scandal's fourth season will be Abby's season. It was said that a huge chunk of the season will revolve around Abby. Loads of what is revealed and seen about Abby's back story will happen as people relate to her story. It was additionally clarified that the new season happens to be more Olivia-driven, which gives the spotlight to series actress Kerry Washington (who was also exceptionally pregnant in the previous season!)

Buzzing gossips of new cast members are now starting to preoccupy fanatics' minds. Possibly pregnant Portia de Rossi might reportedly join the upcoming season, but her part has yet to be unveiled.

Another noteworthy spoiler is that Columbus Short's end of contract with the show is already confirmed. How things will end for his character in the game plan is yet to be revealed. Because of the confirmed departure, Olivia's firm will unquestionably have one less trial lawyer for now.

And with Columbus Short not returning anymore for next season, bits of gossip has surfaced about another character-preferably "African-American" and is said to be a legal counselor in his 30s or more-to replace him in the show.

Scandal's new season is set to debut on the 25th of September this year.




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