Amy Grant Tweets 'Fighting Breast Cancer Today And Every Day By Drinking Pink With Athena Water'

Amy Grant, Christian musician and spokesperson for Athena® Water, tweeted earlier today saying, "I'm fighting breast cancer today & every day by drinking pink with @athenawater- are you?"

"In the time that I've been a spokesperson for Athena® , one of my sisters was diagnosed with cancer.  It happens to almost every family I know," Grant said in an interview with Athena® .  

The bottled water company referred to Grant as an 'Athena® Warrior,' who shares her passion for music and works to inspire each and every one of us to become warriors in support of this cause.

Trish May is the founder of Athena®  Water and had been diagnosed with cancer when she was 39-years-old.  After surviving breast cancer May said, "I decided to dedicate my life full-time to helping to raise funds and raise awareness to find a cure for breast cancer," according to another Athena ® Water interview.

Athena ® Warriors, such as Grant, have been selected because they are believed to embody the characteristics of Athena, the Greek goddess of purity, wisdom and strength.

"Warriors, like Amy Grant, reach millions of people and provide hope and inspiration to people all across the country, and through her message she can help people learn about how Athena can empower them to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer," May said.

"I sing and speak at a lot of women's organizations and I'll just look out at a sea of faces and, what I try always to convey is, every one of us is completely unique," Grant said in the Athena® interview.  "I think so many times, each one of us, we underestimate the impact that we can have on the world around us and, women especially, just have the ability to connect each other when we have a good idea.  My goal as an Athena Warrior is to remind women of their power to effect change."

According to the video, Athena® Water has recently been able to up their donation commitment toward breast cancer awareness, care, education and research by 2014 from $1 million to $2 million.

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