Colton Dixon, Annie Coggeshall- Long Distance Relationship

Colton Dixon, former American Idol star and Christian musician, seems to be involved in a pretty long-term, long-distance relationship.

A girl named Annie Coggeshall explains her identity in her profile on Twitter saying, "Jesus died so you can live... Model. Worshipper. Writer. Traveler. iPhone Photographer. Overcomer. Dating a cool guy named Colton."

On Friday, June 7, Dixon tweeted saying, "Man. Been a couple weeks since I've seen @AnnieCog.  Missin her."  About an hour later Coggeshall responded tweeting, "@coltondixon Miss. You. Too."

In November, 2012 access Atlanta wrote an article that explored Dixon's life at the time, including his relationship.  They explained that Dixon and Coggeshall met in Los Angeles, California before he began touring in June, 2012, but Coggeshall actually lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  So, this has been a fairly long-term, long-distances relationship, and they still seem to be going strong.

Earlier this month, on June 3, Coggeshall re-tweeted Dixon saying, "'@coltondixon: @AnnieCog wait for me.  I wanna learn too...' Of coarse I will wait for you :)."

A number of pictures of the cute blonde couple can be found on various social media sites and Coggeshall's profile photo for Twitter even features the two of them together, apparently at a restaurant somewhere, posted on May 28.  Twitter posts also suggest that the couple has recently vacationed together with Dixon's family, hung out at Universal studios together and spent some time alongside the rest of Dixon's crew and, Christian rock band, For A Season.

"She's a great girl.  I hope it works," Dixon said in an interview with access Atlanta.

Dixon was featured on Season 11 of American Idol and made it to the finals, finishing seventh.  His most recent album, 'A Messenger,' was released in January 2013.  The album features popular songs like 'You Are' and 'Never Gone.'  All of his songs feature dominant themes of faith and love for God.  He will be appearing in Mineral City, Ohio on June 20, for the Alive Festival.


It's always encouraging for those of us who decide to take on long distance relationships to see artists we love and respect making a distance relationship work.  Dixon and Coggeshall are quite a cute couple in my opinion, both faithful Christians, and I hope that their relationship works out :).  Let us know what you think of their relationship in the comment section below.

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