Christian Metal Rock Band Gideon Releases "Calloused;" Watch Their Lyric Video Here


Christian metallic rock band Gideon has just released their most anticipated single and video "Calloused." "Calloused" is also the title cut of their debut Facedown records which drops on October 14, 2014.   

Gideon is an American Christian heavy metal outfit hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who were established in 2008. They are made up of vocalist Daniel McWhorter, lead guitarist Daniel McCartney, bassist Timmy Naugher and drummer Jake Smelley  The groups' current label imprint is Facedown Records and former was Strike First Records. In 2011, the band came out with a studio album called Costs with Strike First. Their second studio album was issued in 2012, titled Milestone, under current imprinter Facedown. 

Critics have called Gideon an "unstoppable machine". Calloused is the product of a month of seclusion with world-renowned producer Will Putney and Randy LeBoeuf at The Machine Shop, and really puts the members' virtuoso front and center. "We really swung for the fences on this album," says guitarist Dan McCartney. He explains how Gideon tapped into their technical savvy to craft an album heavy on staying power while digging deep into their personal darknesses for material.

Alternative Press Magazine has given Calloused the distinction of being among its Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 siting Gideon's "potential to change the way people look at heavy music." 

Check out the first single from Calloused and a lyric video for the title track.




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