Supernatural Season 10 Release Date, News and Latest Gossip! Will This Be Its Last Season?

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Supernatural Season 10 Release Date, News and Latest Gossip! Will This Be Its Last Season? 

It is confirmed that the Supernatural Season 10 release date is in October this year. Eric Kripke, the show's creator planned to end it at season 5. However, loyal fans kept the show going which made it possible for Supernatural to reach its tenth year and maybe beyond.

Supernatural Season 10 Cast

To the uninitiated, meet the main casts:

Sam Winchester played by Jared Padalecki

Dean Winchester played Jensen Ackles

Castiel played by Misha Collins

Crowley played by Mark Sheppard

Supernatural Season 10 Rumors on the 200th Episode

In a screenrant post, Jeremy Carver who is Supernatural's showrunner told audiences at the TCA event that episode 200 of Supernatural will be a musical although he would not say if the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester will join the singing.

Supernatural Season 10 News

In last season's finale episode, viewers saw Dean turned to a demon. In the same interview, Carver said that Dean's turning to a demon will be explored fully in season 10. The first few episodes will feature Sam searching for his brother turned demon. A new character will step in who will presumably save Dean. Castiel will lead his remaining Angels back to heaven but time is running out for him since his grace is slowly dying.

Will the Series End in Season 10?

Kripke had already planned an ending in Season 5, but since the show has continued, he shelved the ending but never told anyone how he intend to end the story. As to when the show will end, a screenrant post reported that it seems the creator, producers, casts, writers and everyone connected to the show will let the fans decide if Supernatural will continue beyond season 10. 

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