R&B Superstar Brandy Goes Gospel with the Walls Group (Videos)


R&B superstar cum actress Brandy will be appearing as the duet partner of RCA Inspirational act The Walls Group on a song entitled "God on My Mind." The song is taken off the Walls Group debut album "Fast Forward" which hits the shelves on September 2, 2014.  The Walls Group comprises of family members  Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah. Their youthful voices stand toe to toe with some of the leading gospel artists today. Worship, contemporary Gospel and a blend of urban pop comes alive with their charming charisma and stage presence.

This is what Gospel artist Jonathan Nelson has to say about the Walls Group: "The Walls have an undeniable family bond and sound. It's so refreshing to see this group of brothers and sisters united in harmony and in spirit. After experiencing The Walls, you won't be the same. I love seeing family and ministry merge into something powerful.  Yes, that's The Walls." 

Brandy, who has recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show is excited about the new Gospel song with the Walls Project. "I'm so excited about the next album. I just don't care about hits or fitting in. I just wanna be whatever I'm supposed to be.... Not think about all of the things that don't really matter. I just wanna be as truthful as I can in my music."

"I think that's been my problem," said Brandy. "The moment I started to try to fit in, I lost my way...I'm finding it.

Now, the 35-year-old also revealed to Oprah that wherever her path takes her in life, she will follow Jesus. "That it's not about me, I'm just a vessel for God," said Brandy. "When you're young it's all about fame. It's about being popular or recognition. Now it's about service. It's a different thing. When you're young it's all about fame. It's about being popular or recognition. Now it's about service. It's a different thing."

Brandy is best known for her role as Moesha Mitchell on the UPN network's hit 1990's series 'Moesha' from 1996-2001. She has also made a name for herself as one of R&B and pop's divas.  Brandy has become known for her distinctive sound, characterized by her peculiar timbre, voice-layering, intricate riffs, and beat-driven R&B.

Over the years, she has amassed a catalogue of hits such as "The Boy is Mine" (with Monica), "Have You Ever," "Baby," "Sitting Up in My Room," "What About Us?" and "Talk About Our Love."  She has sold over 30 million records worldwide and her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, three American Music Awards, and seven Billboard Music Awards.





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