White Collar Season 6 and the Final Season Ends with a Blast Premiering this November 2014

White Collar

White Collar Season 6 and the Final Season Ends with a Blast Premiering this November 2014

White Collar is a USA network police procedural drama, which focuses on the unexpected partnership between the smart and appealing Neal Caffrey and the diligent and serious FBI agent Peter Burke. In exchange of being free, Neal should agree to wear an ankle bracelet always. Neal exemplifies his criminal expertise to help Peter and the FBI agents catch other white collar criminals.

White Collar Season 6 stars EMMY nominee Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, Tim DeKay as Peter Burke, and Willie Garson as Mozzie.

The last season finale revealed that Neal's application will get scrapped, since the top leader of the FBI discovered an asset in him. Peter decided to not push through his job application in Washington upon seeing Neal's frustration. Before Neal could know about Peter's choice, he was kidnapped by an unfamiliar man and his tracking anklet was tossed away in a moving truck.

White Collar final season will begin with Neal's abduction. It is also predicted that the kidnapping mystery will be resolved in the premiere episode. Meanwhile, spoilers divulge that Neal goes back to work in the second episode. The last six episodes of the series put emphasis into knowing Neal better, his wants, and the association among him, Peter, and Mozzie.

In the series finale, Neal and Peter will encounter the Pink Panthers, which is the most coveted group of criminals around the world. They will try to penetrate and stop the network of criminals, with the aid of Mozzie and the FBI agents, Jones and Barrigan. More than that, Mozzie's wife, Eva, will be introduced in the season and she is set to put some remarkable moments in the six episode season finale.

White Collar comes from Fox Television Studios and executive produced by Jeff Eastin, along with Jeff King and Nick Thiel. The series is filmed in New York City.

USA Network president, Chris McCumber, confirmed that the last season will have an exciting and shocking open ending, to leave the viewers thinking about possible endings.

USA network's slate of originals includes Pssyche, Burn Notice, and Necessary Roughness. White Collar Season 6 bids farewell to join the networks portfolio. USA's current series are Benched, Dig, Graceland, Royal Pains, Sirens, and Suits.

The final season showcases many shocking twists, surprises, and phenomenal performances. Plus, some of the antagonists of the past five seasons are going to have their comeback. White Collar Season 6 will debut its six-episode finale on November 6, 2014, instead of 2015 as initially planned.


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