Miley Cyrus Ends 2013 in Her Underwear


Miley Cyrus
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Singer Miley Cyrus performs "Blurred Lines" during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York August 25, 2013.


Miley Cyrus is ending the year with a new video, which features her in her underwear, reaching for places on her own body that we would probably rather not see. After "Wrecking Ball" bared all, stripping down to her undies is not even considered a shocker. And that's sad ...

Only one day after the music video for "Adore You," was "leaked" early, it has already garnered over 11 million hits on YouTube. Why? Because a. people are dying to know how she topped the music video for "Wrecking Ball" and b. they've probably heard that she is in her underwear, groping herself for the world to see.

Fox News calls it "her raciest video yet." Hollywood Life says that going naked was "the wrong move." MTV's Buzzworthy calls it "casually masturbatory." I just call it "sad."

In my own household, the video (as well as her behavior) just sparked an interesting conversation with my daughters, ages 13 and 18. My younger daughter and her best friend, a 14-year-old who girl lives down the street, asked me if I had seen the video. When I said no, they told me that I should watch it to see what is so popular but warned me that I would want to "just stop" after about two minutes of it. Now this is a girl who has plenty of friends and school-mates who simply adore all things Miley. However, my daughter, who loves the song, thinks her scantily clad antics are "gross" and she believes that Cyrus shouldn't run so far from her Hannah Montana days. Her friend described it as having "way too much touching herself" in it and said that she thinks Miley is "wrong to make girls who follow the crowds think that THAT is how you get popular."

My older daughter is a little more verbal and not at all happy with the example that Miley is setting for young girls. When asked about the video for "Adore You," she said, "Are you kididng me? You don't even want to get me started mom! Somebody needs to slap some sense into that girl. She's there - on TV, on the internet, on the news - every time I open my eyes and she's acting like the only thing important in life is how skanky you can look and act! Grinding all over Robin Thicke on MTV, showing off her goodies on 'Wrecking Ball,' and now acting like a half-trained porn star on this one! Seriously! Does she really think that teaching girls like Jordan (my younger daughter) that acting like a drugged-out tramp will get you whatever you want in life is a good thing?"

While I'm not nearly as grossed out or angry as my daughters are, I am saddened. Yes, running around half dressed will get you a lot of attention, but it won't be good attention. It won't be the kind of attention that gets you happily ever after.

For the sake of decency, I won't post the video here but if you are interested in watching it, it's all over the internet. Just don't say you weren't warned ahead of time what it's about.

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