Halo 5 Release Date, Latest News: Does the Halo fans favorite and lead character Master Chief return or not?

Halo 5

"Halo 5" Release Date, Latest News: Does the lead character Master Chief return or not?

Yet another installment of Halo 5 is going to shake the gaming world as Halo 5 game trailer hit the video desk. Will Halo fans' favorite and lead character Master Chief return or not? This question is on the lips of all Halo fans.

In an interview with X-one magazine, Mike Colter, the actor playing the character of Agent Locke shared that he will be a playable character in Halo 5. Earlier, we came to know this new character on the new series Halo: Nightfall. The series focus on his story. And now he declared that he would be present in the game too.

The primary character may also shift to him in the game. Mike Colter did not clarify the relationship between agent Locke and Master Chief but his clues indicate that Locke will be on a mission to hunt Master Chief. Locke will also be dispatched to hunt down John 117. John 117 was absent for some unknown reason.

Aside from the introduction of a new main character, the new version of the game will also bring rich weaponry and new abilities. The game difficulty might be increased with more intelligent moves of the enemies. The graphics and artificial intelligence will be developed to new extent to add more suspense to the game. The nature background sound will surely haunt the mind of the gamers.

The purpose of finding Master Chief has not been cleared. The consequences of the mission will take twisted turns. Master Chief's present condition is still unknown as the last installment of the game left the fans in an uncertain plot. But according to Microsoft's representative, he will be an important part of the game.

Exact release date for Halo 5 has not been specified but premiere is expected to be early 2015. The series of the Halo game entitled Nightfall will start on 11th November 2014. 

Will Master Chief survive or face death? Fans will find out on the next series of Halo games.

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