Reign Season 2 Spoilers, Sneak Preview of the Upcoming New Episodes, Premiere Episode’s ‘Plague’ Aftermath, and More

Reign Season 2

Reign Season 2 Spoilers, Sneak Preview of the Upcoming New Episodes, Premiere Episode's 'Plague' Aftermath, and More

The premiere episode of Reign season 2 kicked off recently, and it was surely what producer McCarthy calls "the season of dudes and ghosts". We saw lots of dudes for sure.

In the pilot episode, we saw the royals and the black plague, and there is more to come in the upcoming episode as they have to deal with the plague's aftermath.

Based on producer McCarthy's and star Adelaide Kane's revealed information, let's see what we can expect from the upcoming episodes of the new second season.

Kane talked about Francis and Lola's baby, "As the season progresses, having the child around becomes more of an unspoken pressure for Mary as she fails to conceive...The longer that takes, the more heavily it's going to weigh on her and become a divisive factor in her relationship with Francis".

McCarthy commented on the character 'Bash', "He will eventually become the King's Deputy, the strongman for the king, which is a great position if the king is doing really well, but if the king is making mistakes and you're the muscle for those mistakes, it can be really dangerous".

Regarding the two new faces, Conde and Narcisse, "Conde really doesn't have a problem being with married women...and Narcisse has a surprising sexuality to him....Catherine's going to have a lover, too."

McCarthy shared more details about the upcoming episodes, including a wedding, a manipulative Mary, and a brokenhearted Leith. Although Greer loves Leith very much, "the fear of being a ruined woman has ramifications", and that's "going to loom large for her for some time", says the producer.

The second episode of Reign Season 2, "Drawn and Quartered", airs Thursday October 9 at 9PM on CW.



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