'Reign' Season 2 Spoilers: Four Faces of Men Revealed as Death, Punishment, Revenge, and Leadership

Reign Season 2
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'Reign' Season 2 Spoilers: Four Faces of Men Revealed as Death, Punishment, Revenge, and Leadership

The CW network renewed the series "Reign" for a second season, last February 13, 2014. The second season of the television series debuted last week. Its premiere episode was entitled "The Plague."

Reign is an American historical fiction television series, which follows the life of Mary, the Queen of Scotts. It is set in France during 1557. The series also follows the affairs of Mary's Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer, who are also in search for husbands of their own at court.

In the recent episode, it was revealed that after he held the baby in his arms, Francis could not propel Lola and their son aboard on a ship. He also comes back to the palace with his wife and child. From this, it can be foreseen that tension will emerge with Mary. Mary faces another problem, since she could not conceive a child and this serves a trial to her relationship with Francis. More than that, her choices between things, based from the previous episode, look like to strengthen this tension.

Mary's role as a leader was also exemplified in the premiere episode, "The Plague." She demonstrated her abilities as a leader to the people, in the absence of Francis. Moreover, the new crown head of France comforting her people and giving commands to her inferiors.

She also summons punishment to Lord Edward, who committed murder. Lord Edward kills his foe's family by using poison. As a result, he was tossed into a room with people who were infected with the plague. Along with the family of Lord Edward's enemy, Yvette also died because she drinks a cup of water at their chamber.

In the second episode, Narcisse, the father of Lord Edward will arrive to the palace. Narcisse will be striving for vengeance, following the death of his son. Actually, he will be putting the blame to Nostradamus. Then more than that, Francis will be summoning his soldiers to take away Nostradamus. This purely suggests that Nostradamus will be facing a heavy punishment. Mary is then expected to halt the horses from killing Nostradamus.

In TVLine, Craig Parker previews about his character Narcisse. He says, "There's an absolute fury here, but it's tempered by a very savvy political mind. Throughout the episodes we've shot so far, there are a number of personal sides to this man, but he's always playing a political game."

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Bash will be agreed as King Francis' delegate. Torrance Coombs, the actor behind Bash's character, says that Bash will be having, "all the dirty work that needs to be down." He also teases that the second season revolves on how Francis learns to be a leader.

In the second season entitled "Drawn and Quartered", Greer will see herself in a sticky situation. This is secondary to her fiancé Castleroy, who puts Leith responsible for his daughter's death. For a clip of the second episode, access the video. What will happen in the next episode, watch "Reign" in CW network.



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